Eric BDFCK Cornic

Visual Artist, Art Director, Graphist, Photograph, Web Developper, Video.
Working for Entertainment (Music, Show, Video Games, Movie), Environment and Technologies.
Member of Maison des Artistes, based in France, near Paris.


Identity, Employer Brand
Communication Strategy, Communication territory, Logotype, Semiology, Graphical Charter, Commercial Leaflet, Press Adds, Poster, Billboard

Digital Art and Illustration, Art Director, CGI, Photography, Pre-production, Production, Shooting

Edit, 3D Animation, Billboard, Fx, Sound Design

Web, Applications, Conception
Ergonomy, Web Design, UX, UI, User Path, Semantic Diagram (SEO)

Web, Development
Standards CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Spip, Drupal), Personal CMS, Payment Modules, Business Modules. Configuration, securisation and optimization of LAMP servers. Javascript (Vanilla, jQuery, Mootools). PHP. CSS. HTML5.